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FDA Approves Monthly Dose of Opioid Addiction Treatment December 01, 2017

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Sniffing Out the Best Allergy Treatment November 28, 2017

Opioid Crisis Hitting Boomers, Millennials Hardest November 21, 2017

Almost 21 Million Worldwide Now Have Access to HIV Meds November 21, 2017

Teens' Painkiller Misuse Linked to Dating Violence November 20, 2017

Kids Still Getting Risky Painkiller After Tonsillectomy November 16, 2017

Top Anti-Opioid Meds Are Equally Safe, Effective November 15, 2017

Doctors Prescribing Too Many Opioids After Nose Jobs November 09, 2017

Genes May Explain Why Some Don't Respond to Bipolar Drug November 08, 2017

Could a Common Blood Thinner Lower Cancer Risk? November 06, 2017

Do Rising Cancer Drug Prices Warrant Regulation? November 01, 2017

Does Your Medication Make You a Worse Driver? November 01, 2017

Taking Four or More Prescription Meds? Consider Scaling Back November 01, 2017

Botox May Offer New Hope for Young Migraine Sufferers October 27, 2017

Newer Eczema Treatments Offer Relief October 27, 2017

A Drug Company's Gift Might Change How Your Doctor Prescribes October 25, 2017

More expensive brand-name prescriptions come from doctors who received perks, study finds

U.S. Opioid Painkiller Abuse May Be Leveling Off October 23, 2017

Rate plateaus as doctors are urged to recommend nondrug pain treatments

Can Aspirin Stop Liver Cancer in Hepatitis B Patients? October 20, 2017

Study from Taiwan finds link between aspirin use and reduced cancer risk

Skip Opioid Treatment for Migraine in the ER October 18, 2017

Non-narcotic drug far more effective in new study

Newer Blood Thinners May Not Bring Higher Bleeding Risk October 18, 2017

Risk is similar to warfarin, study reports

Be Wary of Shopping for Pet Meds Online October 17, 2017

To be 'purrfectly' safe, check with your vet first, suggests FDA

Diabetes Pill Might Replace Injection to Control Blood Sugar October 17, 2017

Global study shows blood glucose levels dropped significantly, and low rates of low blood sugar

Around the World, Too Little Relief for Pain October 13, 2017

High drug costs in low-income countries are to blame, says new report

Penicillin Misconceptions May Raise Post-Op Infection Risk October 09, 2017

Many patients wrongly report a drug allergy, leading doctors to use inferior meds, study finds

Does a Drug's High Price Tag Cause Its Own Side Effects? October 05, 2017

Treatment-related worries might make you feel sick

Could You Be Overdoing It With Sleeping Pills? October 04, 2017

Know the risk/reward ratio of these drugs

Blood Thinners Can Come With Dangerous Side Effects October 03, 2017

Newer class of drugs can interact with multiple medications, researchers report

Same Pregnancy Meds Can Cost $200 -- or $11,000 October 03, 2017

'Uncontrollable drug prices' play a major role in U.S. health-care crisis, researcher says

Many Patients Denied Costly New Cholesterol Drugs September 28, 2017

Insurers and high copays limit use of PCSK9 inhibitors, study says

Adding Drug to Standard Care May Prolong Lymphoma Survival September 27, 2017

Doctors expect this will become new standard for people with mantle-cell lymphoma

Post-Op Opioids: How Much Is Enough? September 27, 2017

Certain surgeries require longer prescriptions, researchers say

1 in 3 Seniors Take Sleep Aids September 27, 2017

But national guidelines generally recommend against these products for those over 65

CDC Launches Opioid Campaign in Hard-Hit States September 26, 2017

'It only takes a little to lose a lot' is slogan for the multi-pronged media effort

ERs Prescribing Opioids at Lower Doses, Shorter Durations September 26, 2017

Patients who receive these prescriptions are less likely to progress to long-term use, study shows

Addictive Opioids Common for People on Dialysis September 21, 2017

But dose of pain-killing drugs often too high, researchers say

Asthma Drug Tied to Nightmares, Depression September 21, 2017

But experts stress Singulair also has lifesaving benefits

HIV and Smoking a Lethal Combo for the Lungs September 18, 2017

Big Rise in Hospitalized Kids With Opioid Side Effects September 18, 2017

Does Mother's Mental Health Affect Pregnancy? September 13, 2017

Having depression, panic disorder or anxiety disorder won't hurt your baby, researcher says