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The Best and Worst Ways to Say 'I Love You' November 16, 2017

If Dad Has Depression, Kids Might Develop It, Too November 16, 2017

Trauma Greets Many Illegal Immigrants in U.S. November 15, 2017

With Stress and Trauma Come Excess Weight November 14, 2017

FDA OKs First 'Digital Pill' That Lets Doctors Know It's Been Taken November 14, 2017

Is Too Much Time Online Raising Suicide Risk in Teen Girls? November 14, 2017

Knowing Too Much About Your Genes Might Be Risky November 13, 2017

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Helping Children Cope When a Mass Tragedy Strikes November 06, 2017

Why Many Breast Cancer Patients Short-Circuit Their Treatment November 06, 2017

Doctor Burnout: A Big Health Threat in U.S. November 06, 2017

People Tend to Overestimate Pain From Surgery November 03, 2017

What Drives Teen School Shooters November 03, 2017

Are You Sure That's What the Doctor Said About Your Leukemia? November 02, 2017

Even Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Gain From Exercise November 02, 2017

Americans Stressed About Nation's Future, Poll Finds November 01, 2017

Breast-Feeding Bond Lingers for Mom October 31, 2017

When It Pays to Quit, More People Stop Smoking October 30, 2017

Can Good Looks Derail Your Job Hunt? October 30, 2017

Summer Baby, Higher Odds for Postpartum Depression? October 23, 2017

Season of delivery and other factors may influence the risk, study finds

More Evidence That Depression Shortens Lives October 23, 2017

And women have been hit even harder than men over past decades, study finds

Self-Harm on the Rise Among Teen Girls October 19, 2017

Behavior was strongly linked to greater suicide risk, UK study found

1 in 5 Young Women Who Tan Indoors Get Addicted October 19, 2017

Depression and worries about appearance common in those who can't skip the tanning bed, study finds

The Upsides and Downsides of Telecommuting October 19, 2017

Review suggests need for clearer boundaries between work, personal life

Schizophrenia Affects Brain's Communication Network October 18, 2017

Finding may help spur new research

States That Make You Wait to Buy Guns Have Fewer Deaths: Study October 16, 2017

Time to 'cool off' may prevent some homicides and suicides

Can 'Magic Mushrooms' Kick-Start Depression Treatment? October 13, 2017

Psychedelic drug shows some promise for hard-to-treat cases in study

Men Often Happier With Their 'Bromance' Than Their Romance October 13, 2017

In small study, most felt more comfortable sharing emotions, resolving problems with a male buddy

Daily 'Light Therapy' May Help Some With Bipolar Disorder October 12, 2017

Study found an hour in front of a light box helped ease depressive symptoms

What Are Today's Americans Afraid Of? October 11, 2017

Many more worried about environmental dangers since last Presidential election

Talk Therapy May Help Menopause Woes October 11, 2017

Sleep problems, depression eased in small study