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New Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Wide Range of Tumors December 15, 2017

Another Gene Therapy Breakthrough Against Hemophilia December 11, 2017

Germs on International Space Station Just Like Those Back Home December 08, 2017

Coming Soon: A Gel That Could Help Save Soldiers' Eyes December 06, 2017

Gene Discovery May Help Fight Alzheimer's December 05, 2017

Taking Your Meds? A Digital Pill Can Tell December 04, 2017

Newborns in Pain Might Not Show It November 30, 2017

New Migraine Drugs Show Promise November 29, 2017

New 'Patch' May Repair Damaged Hearts November 29, 2017

Controversial MS Treatment Found to Be Ineffective November 27, 2017

Arthritis Didn't Afflict Famed Clone Sheep, Experts Say November 23, 2017

Report: Industry Hid Decades-Old Study Showing Sugar's Unhealthy Effects November 21, 2017

Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Distinct Disorders: Study November 17, 2017

Millions Could Miss Out on a Potential Alzheimer's Breakthrough November 15, 2017

Knowing Too Much About Your Genes Might Be Risky November 13, 2017

Daytime Wounds May Heal Faster Than Nighttime Ones November 08, 2017

Will This Year's Flu Shot Be as Weak as Last Season's? November 08, 2017

Patients' Gut Bugs May Play Role in Cancer Care November 02, 2017

Resilient Brain Connections May Help Against Alzheimer's November 02, 2017

Speed Up the 'Cancer Moonshot,' Doctors Urge November 01, 2017

Does Your Dog 'Talk' to You? October 19, 2017

Study may advance what's known about canine-human communication

Diabetes Pill Might Replace Injection to Control Blood Sugar October 17, 2017

Global study shows blood glucose levels dropped significantly, and low rates of low blood sugar

Homicides Devastate Black Communities, But Prevention Gets Little Funding October 16, 2017

Discrepancy hurts black Americans more than whites, researchers say

Like Your Skin, Your Hair? Thank Your Neanderthal Ancestors October 05, 2017

Scientists say DNA from long-extinct species plays role in humans today

Gene Therapy May Be Breakthrough for Boys With 'Lorenzo's Oil' Disease October 05, 2017

In study, treatment put brakes on the deadly neurological illness in most patients for 2 years

Rare Tumor May Point the Way to Diabetes Treatment October 05, 2017

Insulinomas provide genetic maps for making insulin, researchers say

Scientists Learn How Flu Virus Changes So Quickly October 05, 2017

Interrupting that process could lead to better ways to treat or prevent flu

Coming Soon: A Faster Test for Antibiotics Against UTIs? October 04, 2017

In the future, identifying which drug works best might take minutes rather than days, research suggests

Rapid Test for Meth Abuse May Be Near October 02, 2017

Rapid, Easy Zika Test Developed September 27, 2017

Dipstick strip can diagnose the difference between Zika and dengue fever in a critical time frame

Skin Patch Shrinks 'Love Handles' -- in Mice September 15, 2017

Discovery might help treat obesity and diabetes, researchers say

U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall September 14, 2017

But more cases are expected as baby boomers age, report says

Cancer Drugs' High Prices Not Justified by Cost of Development, Study Contends September 12, 2017

Research challenges notion that each new medicine costs billions to come to market

Does Study Claim a Cure? Beware of Scientific 'Spin' September 11, 2017

'Breakthroughs' are rare, so view bold claims with skepticism, researcher warns

New 'Biologic' Drug May Help Severe Asthma September 06, 2017

But similar meds cost up to $30,000 a year

'Cancer Pen' Could Help Surgeons Spot Tumor Cells in Seconds September 06, 2017

Tool might one day allow more complete removal of malignant tissue, less time on operating table

Drug Helped Protect Gay Teen Males From HIV September 05, 2017

Small study found Truvada worked when taken daily, but some strayed from regimen

Does Immune System Hold Clues to Preterm Births? September 01, 2017

Deviations from a preset pattern of changes might predict some early deliveries, scientists say

Pot Won't Harm Healthy Young People's Kidneys, Study Suggests August 24, 2017

Researchers recommend more study on older users

'Exoskeletons' May Help Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk August 23, 2017

High-tech motorized device aims to correct disabling gait pattern

Can a Blood Test Detect a Range of Cancers Earlier? August 16, 2017

Researchers move 'a step forward,' assessing DNA fragments for colon, breast, ovarian and lung tumors

Marijuana May Help Ease Nerve Pain, Review Finds August 14, 2017

But evidence for using pot to treat other types of pain or post-traumatic stress remains inconclusive

Researchers ID Genes in Mice That Cause Aggressive Brain Cancer August 14, 2017

Discovery of triggers that make glioblastoma resistant to chemo offers hope for future treatments, study authors say

Study Tests Sound Waves to Monitor Pressure Inside the Skull August 08, 2017

Noninvasive experiment aims to reduce risk of brain damage, bleeding and infection

Diabetes Drug Shows Promise Against Parkinson's August 04, 2017

Byetta improved symptoms of motor disease in small, short trial, but more research needed

Engineered Skin Cells Control Type 2 Diabetes in Mice: Study August 03, 2017

'Therapeutic skin grafts' might someday treat multiple diseases, researchers say

Geneticists Repair Mutation in Human Embryo August 02, 2017

In 'first-of-its kind' procedure, scientists converted to normal a mutant gene involved in heart threat

Scientists Gain Insight Into Allergies August 02, 2017

Screening for certain immune cells might help doctors assess reactions to treatment, researchers say

Protein Deposits Seem to Play Role in Type 2 Diabetes August 01, 2017

Injections in mice led to symptoms of the disease, researchers report

Blood Proteins Linked to Severity of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome July 31, 2017

Inflammation drives the often debilitating condition, new research suggests