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Is a Common Shoulder Surgery Useless? November 21, 2017

Dr. Tommy John Hopes Fewer Young Athletes Need Dad's Namesake Surgery November 17, 2017

Hospital Midwives, Lower C-Section Rates? November 16, 2017

Is Low-Dose Aspirin Right for You After Surgery? November 14, 2017

Doctors Prescribing Too Many Opioids After Nose Jobs November 09, 2017

Waiting Even a Month to Remove Melanoma Can Be Deadly November 07, 2017

Why Many Breast Cancer Patients Short-Circuit Their Treatment November 06, 2017

People Tend to Overestimate Pain From Surgery November 03, 2017

Are Artery-Opening Stents for Chest Pain a Waste of Time? November 02, 2017

Belly Fat Widens Odds of Emergency Surgery Troubles October 30, 2017

Is Successful Heart Surgery All in the Timing? October 27, 2017

Could Cataract Surgery Lengthen Older Women's Lives? October 26, 2017

Conjoined Twins Separated in Medically, Ethically Complex Surgery October 25, 2017

One child was dependent on her sister and had little chance of survival

Does Time of Neurosurgery Matter? October 24, 2017

After-hours operations tied to more complications, study says

Easy Fix for Post-Op Shivers? October 23, 2017

Acetaminophen during surgery might reduce common complication, study says

Incision Length Linked to Pain After Cesarean October 23, 2017

Too short or too long may up discomfort, study suggests

Textured Breast Implants Linked to Rare Cancer October 20, 2017

Researchers say many doctors and patients may be unaware of the risk

People Deemed Better Looking, Better Off After a Nose Job October 19, 2017

But the study only included patients who achieved 'ideal' results

Weight-Loss Surgery May Curb Risk for Certain Cancers October 17, 2017

Endometrial and breast tumors were less likely among obese women who had the procedure

More Women Choose Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy October 13, 2017

Report highlights dramatic increase, notable trends

Are Women Surgeons Better Than Men? October 11, 2017

Actually, there's little difference in patient outcomes, study finds

Penicillin Misconceptions May Raise Post-Op Infection Risk October 09, 2017

Many patients wrongly report a drug allergy, leading doctors to use inferior meds, study finds

Double Mastectomy May Mean a Hit to the Paycheck October 09, 2017

Aggressive surgery for breast cancer might cause women to miss over a month of work

Limiting 'Cold Time' Could Make More Organs Available for Transplant October 05, 2017

Up to 12 hours seems to be OK, study suggests

Does Healthy Skin Around Suspicious Moles Need Removal? October 02, 2017

Goal is to only perform one procedure, skin cancer specialist says

Post-Op Opioids: How Much Is Enough? September 27, 2017

Certain surgeries require longer prescriptions, researchers say

One Weight-Loss Surgery Shows Lasting Results September 21, 2017

Patients 77 pounds slimmer on average 12 years after gastric bypass, study finds

Weight-Loss Surgery May Leave Some Anemic September 20, 2017

It's a common problem, but one easily solved with long-term follow-up

Surgery Can Be Trigger for Teen Opioid Abuse September 15, 2017

Certain operations pose a greater risk of painkiller dependence, study finds

U.S. Military Surgeons Helped More Than 6,000 Afghan Adults September 13, 2017

New study looks at humanitarian care over 11 years of conflict in that country

Surgeons Play Big Role in Women's Choices for Breast Cancer Care September 13, 2017

Those with cancer in one breast less likely to get both removed if doctor is reluctant, study finds

'Cancer Pen' Could Help Surgeons Spot Tumor Cells in Seconds September 06, 2017

Tool might one day allow more complete removal of malignant tissue, less time on operating table

Does General Anesthesia Affect Babies' Brains? September 01, 2017

Small study finds reduction in white matter among children operated on as infants

Looking for a Plastic Surgeon on Instagram? Beware August 30, 2017

You may end up with a barber or a dentist instead

Many U.S. Women Unaware of Fibroid Treatments: Poll August 29, 2017

Hysterectomy isn't the only choice, radiology experts say

Awake for Aneurysm Brain Surgery, Better Results? August 25, 2017

In new approach to the dangerous lesions, surgeons can get patient feedback during the procedure

Early Rotator Cuff Surgery Helps Return to Activity August 23, 2017

Procedure also reduces pain and maintains strength, study finds

A Shot of Caffeine May Speed Wake-Up After Anesthesia August 21, 2017

In animal studies, caffeine injections shortened recovery time

Hernia Patients May Need Fewer Opioids After Surgery, Study Finds August 21, 2017

After repair, smaller prescriptions led to fewer pills that could be diverted or abused

Alternative Medicine Alone as Cancer Treatment Linked to Lowered Survival August 17, 2017

There's not much research into these therapies, study authors said

Which Heart Bypass Surgery Works Best? August 17, 2017

Study compares 'on-' and 'off-pump' procedures

Study Finds Options to Opioid Use After Knee Surgery August 16, 2017

Non-drug approaches that may work include acupuncture and electrotherapy, review finds

Hospitals Not to Blame for Most Opioid Addiction: Study August 16, 2017

Outpatient prescriptions for spinal and orthopedic disorders identified as common triggers

Obesity Slows Recovery for Heart Surgery Patients: Study August 10, 2017

They're four times more likely to need more time in intensive care, three times more likely to be readmitted

Angioplasty Outcomes Almost Equal Among Hospitals August 07, 2017

'Safety-net' facilities do as well as other hospitals with the artery procedure, researchers find

Novel Procedure Improves Kidney Transplant Success August 02, 2017

May allow more patients to get donor organ, study finds

2 of 3 U.S. Patients Keep Unused Painkillers After Surgery August 02, 2017

Saving leftover pills, and not storing them correctly, could lead to opioid misuse or abuse, researchers warn

New Surgery May Fix Tough-to-Treat Rotator Cuff Tears July 26, 2017

Procedure could offer option for otherwise irreparable shoulder injury, surgeons say

Obese Don't Have to Lose Weight Before Joint Replacement: Study July 24, 2017

It's ideal to drop pounds first, but the procedure's benefits may outweigh risk if you can't

Surgery for ACL Tear Often Successful Over Long Term July 21, 2017

Even 10 years after procedure, many still playing sports, study finds