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Preventing Sports Injuries November 16, 2017

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Virtual Reality: A Helping Hand After Stroke November 15, 2017

Staying Active May Lower Odds for Glaucoma November 15, 2017

Health Tip: Stay Safe as a Pedestrian November 14, 2017

Middle-Aged and Impaired? More Common Than You Might Think November 13, 2017

Binge-Watchers, Beware: Long TV Time Poses Clot Risk November 13, 2017

The Heart Risks of a Desk Job November 10, 2017

Does Your Pet Have a Weight Problem? Here's How to Tell November 10, 2017

Yoga May Give Lung Cancer Patients, Caregivers a Boost November 07, 2017

Divers May Be Plunging Into Trouble November 07, 2017

'Good Ole Days' Were Better for Kids' Health, Adults Say November 06, 2017

Older Women Can 'Walk Away From the Grim Reaper' November 06, 2017

What Exercise Regimen Is Best for Healthy Weight Loss in Seniors? November 02, 2017

Even Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Gain From Exercise November 02, 2017

Helmets Too Rarely Used in Baseball and Softball October 31, 2017

Turn Over a New Leaf This Fall -- Start Exercising October 28, 2017

When It Comes to Obesity, Genes Just Partly to Blame October 26, 2017

Bat Left, Throw Right: Baseball Stardom? October 26, 2017

Analysis says this skill set common among some Major League greats

Hockey Study Suggests Injured Kids Sent Back on the Ice Too Soon October 25, 2017

Brain changes persist at least 3 months after kids' concussions, study finds

Get In Step With Tai Chi October 24, 2017

A tranquil activity for body and mind

Yoga + Aerobics Doubles Heart Benefits October 20, 2017

Combined, these exercises are better than either alone, study suggests

Exercising With Asthma or Allergies October 20, 2017

Smart steps to stay safe

State Laws Help Reduce Concussions in Youth Sports October 19, 2017

Study finds more students are reporting symptoms, preventing recurring injuries

Could Too Much Exercise Be Bad for Men's Hearts? October 19, 2017

Maybe, but only for white men, study suggests

Even a Little Walking Can Lengthen Your Life October 19, 2017

Less than the recommended 150 minutes a week still seemed to help, study found

Who's Most at Risk of Head Injury in Youth Football? October 17, 2017

Those involved in running, passing more vulnerable, study finds

Health Tip: 5 Suggestions to Promote Healthy Aging October 17, 2017

And see long-term results

A 3x10 Exercise Plan That'll Work for You October 16, 2017

Break up workouts into bite-sized blocks

Good Lifestyle Choices Add Years to Your Life October 13, 2017

Certain behaviors, many associated with various genes, were linked to longevity in large study

Health Tip: Make Exercise a Habit October 13, 2017

Include it in daily activities

Dance Your Way to a Healthier Aging Brain October 12, 2017

Small study suggests it might boost memory, learning

The Body Benefits of Pilates October 12, 2017

Get to know this century-old fitness method

3 Factors That Could Raise Your Risk of Bloodstream Infection October 11, 2017

Obesity appears to be the biggest threat

Tai Chi: A Gentler Way to Exercise for Ailing Hearts October 11, 2017

Gentle movements may be a steppingstone to traditional exercise

The Value of Strength Training October 09, 2017

The goal: to keep muscles strong at every age

The Benefits of 'Being in the Present' October 06, 2017

5 ways to practice mindfulness

Hockey Viewers' Hearts May Pay a Penalty October 05, 2017

Attending an exciting game can double the heart rate of spectators

Moving Just 1 Hour a Week May Curb Depression Risk October 03, 2017

Intensity of exercise didn't matter, and benefit leveled off after 2 hours of activity, study finds

How to Start a Walking Plan October 03, 2017

Taking the first step toward fitness

Online Game Could Boost Family Fitness October 02, 2017

But more research needed because study participants were all white, and wealthier than most Americans