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Teens' Painkiller Misuse Linked to Dating Violence November 20, 2017

How to Spot the Virus That Puts Some Babies in the Hospital November 19, 2017

What It Takes to Get Teens Moving November 18, 2017

Can Girls Help Boost Boys' Reading Scores? November 17, 2017

If Dad Has Depression, Kids Might Develop It, Too November 16, 2017

Health Tip: If There's a Wildfire Nearby November 16, 2017

Cardiac Arrest Rare in Young Athletes But Tough to Predict November 15, 2017

U.S. May Still Benefit From Climate Accord November 15, 2017

Help for Seasonal Depression November 14, 2017

Is Too Much Time Online Raising Suicide Risk in Teen Girls? November 14, 2017

Prolonged Breast-Feeding May Guard Against Teen Eczema November 13, 2017

HPV Vaccine Linked to Drop in Cases of Rare Childhood Disease November 09, 2017

A Dangerous New Twist on Cyberbullying November 09, 2017

Does All That Social Media Time Harm Young Minds? November 07, 2017

Abusing Pot, Booze Lowers Teens' Chances for Success in Life November 07, 2017

'Good Ole Days' Were Better for Kids' Health, Adults Say November 06, 2017

With Cigarettes Out of Favor, Many U.S. Teens Also Shun Pot November 06, 2017

What Drives Teen School Shooters November 03, 2017

Climate Change May Bring 'Browner' Waters, More Disease November 02, 2017

Health Tip: Sled Safer November 01, 2017

Help keep your child from getting hurt

Alcoholic Parent May Sow Seeds for Teen Dating Violence October 31, 2017

Helmets Too Rarely Used in Baseball and Softball October 31, 2017

Health Tip: Have Fun on Halloween, Despite Asthma October 31, 2017

Keep your child safer

Teen E-Cig Use May Lead to Regular Smoking October 30, 2017

Keep Halloween Spooky, But Safe October 30, 2017

Warming Oceans Could Breed More Damaging Hurricanes October 29, 2017

Larger, more intense storms will likely cost more to recover from, scientists predict

Botox May Offer New Hope for Young Migraine Sufferers October 27, 2017

Many Food Allergies May Develop in Adulthood October 27, 2017

Newer Eczema Treatments Offer Relief October 27, 2017

Kids' Food Allergies, Especially to Peanuts, Are on the Rise October 27, 2017

Can Man's Best Friend Chase Away Eczema, Asthma? October 27, 2017

Bat Left, Throw Right: Baseball Stardom? October 26, 2017

Analysis says this skill set common among some Major League greats

Hockey Study Suggests Injured Kids Sent Back on the Ice Too Soon October 25, 2017

Brain changes persist at least 3 months after kids' concussions, study finds

Adderall Misuse May Be Hidden Part of Teen Amphetamine Abuse October 25, 2017

That could lead to an undercount of the extent of the problem, researchers say

Decline in U.S. Teen Drug Abuse Means Less Crime, Violence October 25, 2017

New stats show fighting, theft, gun use all down

Almost 4 in 10 Tanning Salons Flout State Laws October 25, 2017

Survey finds many salons willing to offer tanning to teens, despite legal bans

Health Tip: Drive Safely in Fog October 25, 2017

When visibility is greatly reduced

Keeping Your Driving Teen Focused on the Road October 24, 2017

Distractions at the wheel are major cause of needless tragedies, experts say

Summer Baby, Higher Odds for Postpartum Depression? October 23, 2017

Season of delivery and other factors may influence the risk, study finds

High-Nicotine E-Cigs May Be Gateway to Smoking for Teens October 23, 2017

Many more 10th graders who tried the devices were hooked on 'regular' cigarettes later, study found

Kidney Failure Can Isolate Young Patients October 20, 2017

Relationships and employment often suffer, study finds

Exercising With Asthma or Allergies October 20, 2017

Smart steps to stay safe

Smartphones, Tablets Sabotaging Teens' Sleep October 20, 2017

Study found more adolescents getting less rest because of temptations of technology

Health Tip: Recognize Symptoms of Latex Allergy October 20, 2017

What to look for

Self-Harm on the Rise Among Teen Girls October 19, 2017

Behavior was strongly linked to greater suicide risk, UK study found

Even a Little Walking Can Lengthen Your Life October 19, 2017

Less than the recommended 150 minutes a week still seemed to help, study found

1 in 5 Young Women Who Tan Indoors Get Addicted October 19, 2017

Depression and worries about appearance common in those who can't skip the tanning bed, study finds

Nearly a Third of College Kids Think ADHD Meds Boost Grades October 16, 2017

But adolescent health experts say there's no evidence to support that belief

Plan an Allergy-Safe Halloween for Your Child October 14, 2017

Common-sense rules will make Fright Night less scary

Bumpier Skies Ahead, Thanks to Climate Change October 10, 2017