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Since 1919, Summit Medical Group has delivered the highest standard of care to its patients. Recognized as a premier multispecialty practice on the East Coast, Summit Medical Group has a unique model of care that dates back to co-founders, Maynard G. Bensley, MD, and William H. Lawrence, MD, who emphasized the group’s goal to:

“…meet the needs of patients with exceptional physicians, compassionate staff,
and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, all conveniently located under one roof.”


Our 3 guiding principles maintain their vision while staying on the leading edge of evolving health care:

1) Patient-focused care, which we achieve by

  • Empowering patients to take control of their health and health care through educational opportunities as well as our Web-based patient portal, which provides access to patient information
  • Ensuring that physicians and staff are responsible and provide continuity of care for each patient
  • Developing collaborative relationships with patients, particularly those challenged with navigating the health care system

2) Efficient, well-coordinated, comprehensive, convenient, and prompt care, which we achieve by

  • Ensuring timely access to all care
  • Continually expanding clinical services to meet patients’ growing needs
  • Coordinating care through centralized scheduling, patient coordinators, and health care navigators who streamline care for patients requiring complicated disease management
  • Offering multiple convenient satellite locations for greater accessibility

3) High-quality care and value to our patients, which we achieve by

  • Employing integrated teams of highly skilled experienced practitioners from multiple specialties
  • Cultivating the highest standards of care by monitoring and improving clinical quality, patient safety, and patient satisfaction
  • Developing cost-effective medical homes and disease management programs that utilize proven methods to enhance patient outcomes
  • Utilizing a sophisticated electronic health record (EHR) and electronic prescribing program that maintains patient privacy and expedites the exchange of information by allowing our caregivers to access patient information from any location

By integrating a wide variety of medical specialists and services in one organization, Summit Medical Group is uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional care and partner with its patients in achieving their health care goals.