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Kayaking: A Fun Summer Strength-building Activity


Want a fun way to help stay in shape this summer? Try kayaking!
It is a great way to exercise while enjoying the great outdoors.


Benefits of Kayaking


Kayaking offers many health benefits, including:1

  • Strengthening your heart and increasing your aerobic fitness
  • Strengthening muscles of your hands, forearms, upper arms, shoulders, back, and chest
  • Strenthening your core muscles, including muscles on the sides of your body that allow you to twist (obliques)
  • Improving your posture because you must sit upright

Rowing Helps Fight Fat

For every minute of rowing, a 150-pound person will burn 11 calories per minute on average. This means that thirty minutes of kayaking can burn approximately 330 calories.2 As with any activity, you will burn more calories if you weigh more than 150 pounds, and you will burn fewer calories if you weigh less than 150 pounds.

Kayaking Can Clear the Cobwebs

In addition to giving you a good workout, kayaking offers exercisers a scenic, peaceful, and mindful outdoor activity. Taking time out of your routine to reflect on your thoughts can help calm you and boost your outlook.3

Kayaking is a versatile, affordable activity
you can enjoy with friends and family.

Fun and Fitness That Won't Break the Bank

Most kayak rentals in the New Jersey / New York / Connecticut area range from $12 an hour per single kayak, with day rentals averaging about $30. A kayak that holds 2 people (twin kayak), is typically costs about $15 per hour, with day rates at about $45.4

Beautiful places to kayak in New Jersey include:5

  • Sterling Harbor in Wildwood, which offers:
    • Rivers and streams that lead to open water 
    • Breathtaking scenery and wildlife
    • For more information about kayaking at Sterling Harbor, please call 609-729-1425
  • Shark River in Belmar, which offers:
    • A tide-dependent challenging route for experienced kayakers that leads to the Atlantic Ocean 
    • The ability to join a kayaking train, which is attached to a 14-foot whaler and includes a tour
      of the beautiful New Jersey coast
    • For more information about kayaking at Shark River, please call 732-556-1555

Always wear a life vest when kayaking.

If you are kayaking with children, 
be sure they are comfortable swimming
and that they wear a life vest at all times.

To ensure the safety of your dog,
leave Fido at home for your kayaking adventures.




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