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Living Well

Star in Your Own Summer Action Flick

Last updated: Jul 17, 2017

The sun beats down, the mercury rises. You’ll sweat no matter what. So why not work a little more motion into your summer routine?

Fortunately, you can write physical activity into nearly any warm-weather tradition. These five fitness infusions make working out so fun you might forget it’s good for you. Lights, camera–and most of all–action!

Summer Scene: Picnic

Add Action: Before you fire up the grill, stage a croquet, boccie ball, or badminton tournament. Or just grab a football or Frisbee and start tossing.

Summer Scene: Vacation

Add Action: Consider an outdoor adventure–hiking in a national park, skiing, even scuba diving. Regardless of your destination, make an effort to explore on foot or by bicycle. Seek out landmarks with stairs–think stadiums or skyscrapers–for a few extra steps.

Summer Scene: Beach

Add Action: Who needs the gym? Skip through the surf, swim near the shore, or build castles in the sand. Set up a friendly volleyball match or footrace on the oceanfront. Or try a new water sport–surfing, canoeing, kayaking, and even stand-up paddleboarding all provide a great workout.

Summer Scene: Playground

Add Action: Don’t sit on the sidelines while kids have all the fun. Challenge yours to a game of HORSE on the basketball court, create your own grown-up obstacle course using playground equipment, or grab a jump rope and hop along.

Summer Scene: Stuck Inside

Add Action: Sometimes it’s too hot to go outside at all. You could hit the gym–or turn your home into a personal fitness club. Crank up the tunes and dance. Hit the floor for some push-ups. Or just complete your chores with a little extra oomph. Cleaning, organizing the garage, or other housework counts as exercise if you move vigorously.