Spine Experts Get Football Player in the Game

Last updated: Apr 05, 2012

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Chaillet is a kid who never hurts, says his mom, Donna. So when Tyler complained about having back pain after a football game last fall, Donna knew something was wrong.

After getting an x-ray, Tyler's pediatrician diagnosed him with a split vertebra. Tyler needed an orthopedic specialist, and Donna knew she would call Summit Medical Group.

"My daughter visited Summit Medical Group for a broken arm," said Donna, "and they were great with her!" Despite the drive from their home in Clark to the Summit Medical Group Berkeley Heights campus, Donna wouldn't have taken Tyler anywhere else.

To treat back problems, the Summit Medical Group Spine Surgery Center offers comprehensive care, including:

Tyler sees spine surgeon Ilya Kupershtein, MD, who treats both children and adults. "My staff understands the sensitive nature of an injury in a child," says Dr. Kupershtein. "I always take whatever time is needed to carefully listen to my patient and his or her family's concerns and answer their questions."

Because Tyler, who plays tackle, couldn't recall a particularly hard hit during his last football game, the cause of the injury was a mystery. Dr. Kupershtein ran a series of tests to make a thorough diagnosis. A computed tomography (CT) scan revealed the broken bone in Tyler's back.

Instead of surgery, Tyler has been wearing a brace to stabilize his spine. He visits Summit Medical Group regularly so that Dr. Kupershtein can assess his progress.

"Not that I'm happy about the break, but I love going to Summit Medical Group!" says Tyler.

Tyler's parent and Dr. Kupershtein keep Tyler in the loop with his case. Tyler notes, "I'm the one who's hurt, and they talk to me!" Donna Chaillet is pleased with the approach to include Tyler in information about his condition. She is especially happy about Dr. Kupershtein's prognosis for her active son. "He'll be able to play sports again!" she says.


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