SMG Expands Skin Care Services to Morristown

Last updated: Jan 02, 2017

The Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey at Summit Medical Group (SMG) in Morristown is adding another service for its patients -- aesthetician services.

Until now such services have only been available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, on the SMG Campus in Berkeley Heights, in the Plastic Surgery Center located in the Lawrence Pavilion.

The expansion into Morristown means skin care services will now be available on Fridays at the center, located at 131 Madison Ave. in Morristown. They will be provided by licensed medical aesthetician Brenda Kent-Pijaca.

Melissa Galloway, the lead medical aesthetician at Summit Medical Group, said adding these services to the Morristown location made sense. It gives patients who have undergone plastic surgery a way to "protect their investment by maintaining their results," she said.

An aesthetician is someone who has been trained and licensed to perform facials, chemical peels and more. She or he is licensed by the state and takes continuing education classes. 

Galloway said there are similarities between having a treatment at the Plastic Surgery Center and at a spa. "It's still a relaxing treatment, such as one you get at a spa, but the products used for the treatments are medical grade and can't be purchased by a spa.” Treatments at the center are also "more results orientated" and will "complement the patient's plastic surgery," she said.

Whether in Morristown or Berkeley Heights, the aesthetician will do a skin care consultation with their client and provide an "at-home skin care regimen that will complement the treatments at the office," said Galloway. "Customizing the treatment plan and the at-home skin care regimen will optimize the patient's results."

Even though the aesthetician's office is located in the Plastic Surgery Center, the aesthetician's clients don't have to be people who have had plastic surgery. Their clients, both male and female, have been as young as their teens and into their 80s. The difference between men and women is, "Men typically have thicker and oilier skins that women and will get more clogged pores than women, so they come in for "deep pore cleansing," Galloway said.

Among the many skin conditions the aestheticians will treat are: facial acne, lines, wrinkles, brown spots on hands, face and neck, and bad acne on backs. A typical appointment is between 30 minutes and an hour long, although some treatments may last longer, she said.

These treatments are not covered by insurance, Galloway said, but then neither is cosmetic surgery or spa treatments.

To find out more about aesthetician services at the Plastic Surgery Center at SMG, or to make an appointment for a consultation, visit the website or call 973-540-9055.

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