Due to high demand for behavioral health services, there may be a wait to obtain treatment. Our office staff can inform you of the first available appointment.

Personal Notes:

Melissa Gagescu, LCSW is a member of Summit Medical Group's Behavioral Health and Cognitive Therapy team. Ms. Gagescu has experience working with adults who are dealing with a variety of mental health issues such as depression, mood and panic disorders, anxiety, and phobias.  Additionally, she has expertise in stress management and guiding individuals through life transitions, relationship problems, postpartum mood issues, infertility, and past traumas in their lives. “As a behavioral health clinician, my main goal is to connect with my patients, identify key areas that they want to work on, and establish achievable goals,” says Ms. Gagescu. “Helping them feel less alone and improving their capability to function in their daily lives is the most rewarding part of treatment,” she adds.

Through SIFI certification, Ms. Gagescu is trained on methods and techniques that are essential to supervise and mentor students as they complete their social work field placement. In the past, she enjoyed working with interns to provide them with valuable, real world work experience.

I help patients with:

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