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Behavioral Health and Cognitive Therapy Center


Life can sometimes be overwhelming. A medical diagnosis, family conflict, work stress, or feelings of anxiety or depression can cause you to struggle with daily activities. When this happens, the behavioral health specialists at Summit Medical Group Behavioral Health and Cognitive Therapy Center can provide the support you need for effective behavioral health management.

Our Behavioral Health Management Services

We offer counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of emotional and situational problems. In a warm and welcoming environment, our Center’s behavioral health specialists provide effective short-term individual therapy for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Adjustment to medical conditions
  • Grief and loss
  • Family conflict
  • Insomnia


Did you know we have video visits?

Video visits allow you to be seen by a behavioral health professional simply by connecting via mobile app or from your computer or tablet.

  • More convenient, easier to access, and requires no travel
  • Just as effective as in-person counseling, therapy and other treatments
  • Confidential – a private, secure solution for patients

Our clinicians generally participate in the same insurance plans as your primary care provider. However, please contact your insurance provider to check coverage.


For information about our adult psychiatry services,
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What is cognitive behavioral therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a treatment approach that helps you change your thoughts about and reactions to negative situations. For example, if a negative conversation with a friend leaves you feeling down, cognitive behavioral techniques can help you redirect your thoughts and change your negative reaction to the conversation. How you think has a strong effect on how you feel. When you are not aware of what you are thinking, you risk repeating negative thoughts that cause depression and anxiety.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven effective in more than 400 clinical studies. For this reason, our experienced behavioral health specialists, including psychologists, psychiatrists, and licensed clinical social workers, use CBT to target negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that cause and sustain unwanted symptoms.

CBT helps you:

  • Change your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, attitudes, assumptions, mental imagery, and the things on which you focus — 
    the cognitive, or thinking part of CBT
  • Face the challenges in your life calmly and take actions that are likely to have good results — 
    the behavioral, or action part of CBT
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy differs from other kinds of therapy because it:
    • Emphasizes results: It helps you define your goals, plan ways to accomplish the goals, and encourages you to check your progress
    • Is short-term: Depending on your problem and how hard you work to change your thoughts and behaviors, you often can achieve your goals in less than 10 sessions (less than 15 sessions for Peds)
    • Focuses on self-help: It helps you learn ways to manage your life better

Our highly skilled clinicians will develop a practical and achievable treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and builds on your strengths.

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Read more about cognitive behavioral therapy.

We offer day and evening hours.

Our Behavioral Health and Cognitive Therapy Center Tools

New Patient Paperwork

Adult: New Patient Forms

Child: New Patient Forms

Adult Psychiatric Intake Form: Questionnaire

Adult Bariatric Intake Form: Questionnaire

PHQ9/GAD7: Assessment Form

Telehealth: Informed Consent Form

Self-Help Tools



What is “E-Couch” and “MoodGYM?”

E-Couch and MoodGYM are non-SMG websites that provides free self-help interactive cognitive behavioral therapy program for anxiety (E-Couch) and depression (MoodGYM) offered thru the National Institute for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University. This is an option to patients who would prefer a self-help approach and/or to accommodate patients currently awaiting a new patient visit.

What will you see and learn when you go to the web-sites?

E-couch and Mood Gym:

  • Provides free, self-help modules for depression, general anxiety and social anxiety, as well as for divorce/separation and loss/bereavement.   
  • Provides tool-kits that teach skills drawn from a range of evidence-based therapies.  
  • Will ask a number of questionnaires and scales about how you are feeling.
  • Provides tailored relevant information about stress, anxiety and depression based on your answers.
  • Provides feedback about areas of vulnerabilities
  • Matches your areas of vulnerability with recommends for specific modules to help one learn strategies for symptom improvement, self-management and wellness

None of the information on these websites are a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by an appropriate health professional.

If you need immediate help please contact:

The NJ Hopeline
24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-855-NJ-HOPELINE (654-6735)

Call 911 or go to your local Hospital emergency room

Please do not call or contact the helplines on the E-Couch or MoodGym websites as these are for Australian residents only.



Our Behavioral Health and Cognitive Therapy Center Practitioners

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